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One step hepatitis B surface antigen test (Australian antigen test) Device (Serum/Plasma) is a rapid chromatographic Immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Hepatitis B surface Antigen in serum or plasma.


Hepatitis B is transmitted sexually or intravenously and has an incubation period of six months. If not diagnosed properly and in time, it can develop in to acute or chronic infection, liver cirrhosis and fulminant hepatitis. The test method uses monoclonal antibody conjugated to colloidal gold and polyclonal antibody immobilized on a nitrocellulose strip in a thin line. If the sample contains HBsAg, the colloidal gold-antibody (mouse) conjugate binds to the antigen forming an antigen antibody-colloidal gold complex. The complexes then migrate through the nitrocellulose strip by capillary action which is stopped by an immobilized antibody zone forming a color band.

Pack Size:

  • 1x30 Tests


  • Test Device
  • Dropper
  • Package Insert

Sensitivity & Accuracy

  • Sensitivity :99.8% (0.5 ng/ml)
  • Specificity :99.8%
Pack of 30 Tests




Add 2 drops of serum or plasma to the specimen well with a disposable dropper.


Read results before 20 minutes. Strong positive reaction may visible within 5 minutes.



Positive: Two lines appear. One coloured line should be in the control line region (C) and another apparent coloured line should be in the test line region (T).


Negative: One coloured line appears in the control line region(C). No line appears in the test line region (T).


Invalid: No visible band at all or test band without control band.