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For the rapid determination of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine. This test is used to obtain a visual qualitative result for pregnancy.


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the developing placenta shortly after fertilization. In normal pregnancy hCG can be detected in serum as early as 7 days following conception, dubling every 1.3 to 2 days and reading 100mlU/ml at the first missed menstrual period. One step pregnancy test device is a qualitative, sandwich dye conjugate immunoassay for the determination of human hCG in urine. The method employs a unique combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to selectively identify hCG in test sample with high degree of sensitivity.

Pack Size:

  • 1x30 Tests (Large Casette)
  • 1X50 Tests (Small Casette)


  • Test Device
  • Dropper
  • Package Insert

Sensitivity & Accuracy

  • Sensitivity :25ml/Uml
  • Specificity :99%



Draw 2-3 drops of urine sample into the sample dropper


Dispense it into the sample well on the test device.


Read the result within 5 minutes. (Time varies depending on hcg concentration)



Positive: Two lines appear. One coloured line should be in the control line region (C) and another apparent coloured line should be in the test line region (T).


Negative: One coloured line appears in the control line region(C). No line appears in the test line region (T).


Invalid: No visible band at all or test band without control band.